This is where it begins….

cropped-posluszny-family-cropped.jpgThis is probably one of the most cherished pictures in my collection.  Six sons and two daughters of Caroline Straub Posluszny Bonk.  It was taken some time in 1907 or 1908 in Yonkers NY.

The front row is John Posluszny (said to go professionally by Post) and his son Johnny, Anna (wife of Joseph) holding daughter Margaret, Mary, Caroline with Walter, and Elzbieta.

Back row is Joseph (who went by Post), Frank, Charles (also Post), John Bonk (husband of Caroline), Juliana and Konrad Posluszny (my grandparents).

All of them came over in bits and pieces, seemingly individually, from 1899 (John) through 1907 (Caroline, John Bonk, Mary, Elzbieta and Walter).  They all lived in Yonkers NY for the first few years and they gradually moved to New Jersey, Fairfield County and Wallingford.  More on all that later!

I look at the faces and wonder what their thoughts and plans were now that they were all together again in the United States.  More than dates and names, that’s the information I crave most.


5 thoughts on “This is where it begins….”

  1. Your hard work into our genealogy is precisely why I have never attempted it. Thank you from me, my kids, my grandkids and so on. I am fascinated and demand more. Xoxo

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  2. This photo was my most surreal moment on Ancestry. These are my people, but they are also someone else’s people that I don’t even know! Someone else who not only descended from them, but recognized their value and importance enough to spend a crazy amount of time and money to bring their stories to life. To remember and honor those who made the uncertain journey from their homeland to America to make a better life for themselves, their children, and future generations. To document these stories so that they will not be forgotten by us or our descendants. Well done, Nancy! I’m so happy we connected online and met in person. Looking forward to sharing and discovering more Posluszny stories with you!

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