A Valentine Gift in 1913

Wishing a Happy Birthday in Heaven to Louis J. Posluszny 1913-1983.


On February 14 in 1913, Julianna Ingram Posluszny gave birth to a second son – Louis Posluszny.  At the time of his birth, they were living on Jefferson Street in Yonkers NY surrounded by other Posluszny families.  When they made the move from New Britain to Wallingford in 1925 as I talked about in 121 Clifton Street, Louis was 12 years old.

He must have been bit by the same Outdoor/Farm/Garden bug as his mother, because the 1930 Federal Census lists him as an 18 year old boarder and general farm laborer for James and Mable Cook on what is listed as North Elm Street in Wallingford.  A look at the town directory shows their farm on North Farms Road on the other side of Barnes Road in Wallingford.  The 1933 Wallingford Town Directory lists him again as a farm hand but residing at 121 Clifton Street when he was 20 years old.  It appears from this 1941 postcard after he was married that it was really something he loved.

On November 10, 1937 at Holy Trinity Church in Wallingford Louis married M. Irene Lefebvre (I have no record of what the M. stands for but it’s listed in the birth records).  Lou left farming and went to work at the Wallingford Steel Company.  They first lived at 132 East Street in Wallingford in 1939 and in 1940 lived at 24 East Street with Irene and their first child Judith.  This 2-family home was originally owned by Caroline and Jon Bonk and when they died transferred to their son, Walter who was Konrad Posluszny’s half-brother.

He and Irene welcomed three more children – John (known as Jack), James and Loisanne to the family.  They lived on the second floor at 604 Center Street with Irene’s parents, (Prime) Frank and Emily Lefebvre on the first floor.  This house is currently occupied by Winterbourne Land Services, a land surveying and mapping company and is next door to Silver Pond apartments.  I remember many happy family parties in the back yard that had a grape arbor and a stone fire place.  I can picture the rooms upstairs clearly also!

While his children were growing up, he and his brother in law Mal Bellafronto invested in property on Pickeral Lake in Colchester Connecticut.  Lou and Irene were great friends with Judy (his younger sister by 4 years) and her husband Mal.  They built cottages next door to each other with a large expanse of lake front for swimming and boating.  The cottages were styled differently to accommodate different family sizes but they both were open and welcoming.  Our family spent many Sunday afternoons there while growing up and were always given a week at one or the other cottage for a great family vacation.

Lou and my mother, Elizabeth, were brother and sister but just as there was a age gap between her and Tootsie, there was a 9 year gap between them and I don’t have any pictures or knowledge about their relationship.  Their kids were my first cousins but Judy their first born was 21 when I was born and soon to be a mother of her own first child!  My parents made a beautiful choice of godmothers for my sister and me – Irene was Gail’s and her daughter Judy was mine!  Years later, when we needed her most, Judy at our side.

When Lou retired from the Steel Mill, he and Irene headed down to Florida to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and golf!  They spend many happy years there living in the same area as Judy and Mal and welcomed their children and grandchildren on a regular basis.  I don’t recall if they traveled up to Connecticut very often after that but when they did, I know we were happy to see them!

Lou passed away on August 21, 1983 from cancer.  I remember it happened the day of my sister Janice’s wedding and because they didn’t want to upset her happy day, they didn’t call until after the reception was over.

When I think back to Uncle Lou now, I think of him as bear-like – sort of silly! – but he was sturdy and had very dark hair on his head and arms.  I search his face in pictures for a resemblance to his parents and I see it.

Uncle Lou & Uncle Mal
Uncle Lou on left with his brother in law and good friend Mal Bellafronto

So Happy Birthday to you Uncle Lou!  I hope you’re dancing up a storm in heaven with your beautiful Irene and sitting having a fine meal with your parents and siblings.  Love you!

I know his children and grandchildren have many, many more memories of him than I could possibly have.  Could you post them HERE in the comments so they will be in a place everyone stopping by can see them?


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