I’ve always loved History.  I can close my eyes and remember 5th grade History class studying about the early days of the United States.

Fast forward many years to the internet and Family History software and the creation of Ancestry.com!  Being able to look up my grandfather’s passage from Poland in 1902 and have a copy of the document sent to me from the National Archives (unlike these days when you can print it online), made me want to cry.

It’s not surprising I’ve become the Family Historian hanging on to the really old family photos, keeping 4-5 notebooks set up for all sides and surnames in the family (mine and my husband’s) and sitting for hours in front of the computer searching family member names and hoping ancestry or the internet will spit something new back at me.  Along the way I’ve found distant cousins and strangers connected by the slimmest thread – but still a connection!

I want to share stories about family I’ve learned over the years, through talking with older family members or timelines pieced together from documents online.  Some of it may be common knowledge, and some of it may make you think “that’s not the way I heard it!” but I hope all of it makes you proud to be part of the family.

Bear with me as I create this story book of our family and feel free to share information with me that I can incorporate here.


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